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AI Tattoo Generator

How does it work?

AI Tattoo Generation Process

Describe your tattoo

Enter a detailed description of your desired tattoo design.

Choose style and color

Select from various tattoo styles and color options to refine your design.

AI generates your tattoo

Our AI processes your input and creates a unique tattoo design based on your specifications.

Benefits of AI Tattoo Generation

Endless Creativity

Explore unlimited design possibilities without the constraints of traditional tattoo catalogs.


Get a truly unique tattoo design that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Risk-Free Exploration

Experiment with different designs without any commitment, helping you make informed decisions.

Examples of AI Generated Tattoos

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Realism

A close up of a beautiful green and slightly brown eye with a lot of details

The tattoo is colored and no negative prompt was used.

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Realism

Joker playing cards in a rainy night

The tattoo is colored and no negative prompt was used.

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Minimal

A mermaid

The tattoo is black and white and no negative prompt was used.

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Neo Traditional

Arrow with a feather

The tattoo is black and white and 'no humans' was used as negative prompt.

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Japanese


The tattoo is colored and no negative prompt was used.

AI Generated Tattoo Example - Neo Traditional

Craft a tattoo of a wise and dignified Golden Retriever dog

The tattoo is colored and no negative prompt was used.

Tips for Better Results

Be specific in your prompts

Providing detailed prompts helps in generating more accurate and personalized tattoo designs.

Experiment with different styles

Trying out various styles allows you to discover unique and creative tattoo ideas that match your vision.

Use negative prompts to refine results

Including what you don't want in your prompts helps in avoiding undesired elements and fine-tuning the design to your preferences.

Frequently asked questions

Is the AI tattoo generator free to use?

While we offer some free features, full access to our AI tattoo generator requires a paid subscription. This allows us to maintain the quality of our service and continue improving our AI technology.

Can I customize the style and color of my AI-generated tattoo?

Yes, you can! Our AI tattoo generator allows you to select from various tattoo styles (e.g., neo-traditional, minimalist, watercolor) and choose between black and white or colored designs to match your preferences.

How accurate are the AI-generated tattoo designs?

While our AI strives to create accurate representations based on your prompts, the final designs may vary. We recommend using the generated designs as inspiration and working with a professional tattoo artist to refine the concept for your actual tattoo.

Can I download and use the AI-generated tattoo designs?

Yes, you can download the AI-generated tattoo designs. However, please note that these designs are for personal use and inspiration only. Always consult with a professional tattoo artist before getting a tattoo based on an AI-generated design.

What if I'm not satisfied with the generated tattoo design?

If you're not satisfied with a generated design, you can simply adjust your prompt, style, or color preferences and generate a new design. Our AI allows for unlimited attempts, so you can keep refining until you find the perfect design.

Can the AI generator create tattoos in any language or script?

Our AI is capable of generating designs with text in various languages and scripts. However, for tattoos with text, we strongly recommend double-checking the accuracy and meaning with a native speaker or language expert.

How often is the AI model updated with new styles and features?

We continuously work on improving our AI model and adding new features. Major updates typically occur every few months, with minor improvements and style additions happening more frequently.

Can I use the AI-generated designs for commercial purposes?

The AI-generated designs are intended for personal use only. If you're interested in using designs for commercial purposes, please contact our support team to discuss licensing options.

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